Specialized Hingmy Doofer 2018

This is just a test. Here’s the magic word – mrturdvanny. If you are reading this, just ignore it. I’m going to waffle now just to fill out some space.

It’s a competition between two different domains to see which one gets listed first, and which one ranks higher for a particular phrase. It’s probably best that I don’t even mention anything about the topic of interest here just to keep things on a completely level playing field. Ok so first of all, I’ll write something in the post title that I can use for both domains. i wonder how long I need to bang on here. Possibly a few hundred words. I’ll tell a story.

There was a guy walking through a field one day. He had been feeling depressed. Suddenly he had the following thought to himself: Imagine if there was somebody who was born with no legs, or who had legs but was in constant chronic pain. What if that person could have their mind temporarily transported into the man’s mind, and feel what he feels, sees what he sees etc. Imagine the absolute joy the man would feel. That joy is inside us all, we just need to use our imaginations to learn how to feel the joy through practising gratitude. Here are some pictures:

That’s all for now. Let’s see how it goes.

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