Specialized Stumpjumper Carbon Expert 29 2019 Mountain Bike Blue from Rutland Cycling


Specialized created the all new Stumpjumper Expert 29 2019 to not only shred hard and fast but to offer the holy grail of mountain biking, fun. Crafted to have unrivalled handling and stiffness, sublime suspension kinematics, and a complete lack of any proprietary nonsense to make it ride like a dream, so you can swap out components where and whenever you want. Unleashing the full potential of the Stumpjumper platform came down to one thing. Stiffness. When the frame tells you hands one thing and your feet another your brain gets confused and unstable. The solution, to custom match the feel from both contact points to provide one single, planted riding feel. To achieve this Specialized created their own mountain specific stiffness test and tried multiple materials, carbon layups, and tube shapes to create the perfect feeling, all leading to a more composed and surprisingly lighter frame. When designing this frame, Specialized created a radical new side-arm design that connects the rear of the bike to the main frame at three different points to keep the frame super stiff and minimise flex when the suspension is active. Another benefit of this new design is a saving of 100g from the rear triangle. Custom RX trail tuned suspension on both the front and rear shocks are tuned right in the middle of the adjustment spectrum so you can fine tine your ride no matter your size, weight, and preference. Additional steps were taken to make the Stumpjumper easier to live with. This sees the return of the ever popular threaded bottom bracket, a revised SWAT box that is sleeker, lighter, and offers even more volume for your essential kit. Cable routing is fully internal with full length tubes inside the frame so all you need to do is push the cables through! Geometry is fully modern with a longer and slacker ride that doesn't compromise climbing ability, yet is customisable with the Flip Chip that lets you set the Stumpjumper Expert 29 2019 up in either High or Low to change the bottom bracket height by 6mm and slacken the head angle by half-a-degree. Specialized's Expert level build of the Stumpjumper 2019 includes a full Sram GX1 Eagle Drivetrain, confidence boosting Sram Guide R Disc Brakes, RockShox suspension both front and rear, and Traverse Carbon wheels.

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