Scott Voltage YZ 10 2018 Aluminium Alloy Mountain Bike Yellow from Rutland Cycling


The 2018 Scott Voltage YZ 10 is a great bike if you plan to mix mountain-biking, with street-riding! From tricks to trails this bike is a bit of a 'bike-of-all-tricks'… The Scott Voltage YZ 10 is a hard tail mountain bike with a super-strength aluminum alloy frame, designed to withstand the hits sometimes associated with new riders and entry-level bikes. The robustness of the frame will allow any rider to gain the confidence needed to then step-it-up a level! Up-forward things are a little softer, the Voltage YZ 10 is equipped with Suntour XCM 100mm forks offering a cushioned ride, and tremendous large-shock absorption. The handlebars too at 680mm wide, give this bike great handling characteristics, and the dual Shimano BR Disc-Brakes will allow any rider to navigate the mountain with confidence and ease. Big 100mm Suntour XCM forks Dual Shimano BR Disc-Brakes Shimano Ball-Bearing & Crank-set

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