Scott Voltage FR 720 2018 Aluminium Alloy Mountain Bike Blue from Rutland Cycling


The 2018 Scott Voltage FR 720 is a great bike if you plan to mix downhill with trail-riding! The term 'rooster-tail' is often associated with the Voltage Series… The Scott Voltage FR 720 has a super-stregthened aluminium alloy frame, designed to withstand the hits sometimes associated with high-speed sock-impacts and big drop-offs. Included within the frames design, are numerous features that would otherwise be fixed – For example, the frame has an adjustable Chainstay-Length, an adjustable Head-Angle, adjustable Suspension-Travel, adjustable BB-Height, and interchangable wheel-sizes. Overall the Scott Voltage FR 710 is very good at adapting to the terrain and its rider… Attached to the Voltage FR 720's frame is a mixture of mountain-dominating components; The massive 180mm X-Fusion Metric R 27.5 forks will soak up any bump or divet, and the Syncros FR1.5 handlebar allows for exceptional control, even when moving at extremely high speeds. Massive 180mm suspension travel Sram X5 Drivetrain & Simano BL Disc Brakes Solid, 1-piece, adjustable suspension-linkage

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