Scott Scale 940 2018 Aluminium-Alloy Mountain Bike Black from Rutland Cycling


The 2018 Scott Scale 940 is a top-of-the-range Aluminium-Alloy Mountain Bike. Are you ready to win? The Scott Scale 940's frame is constructed from light-weight, high-grade aluminium alloy. Remarkably, the over-all weight of this bike is only about 1 or 2 kilos heavier than its more expensive carbon-counter-parts, whilst offering increased toughness and durability. What's more, if your one of those riders who sometimes struggles to find traction on a lighter bike, then this is the bike you should now be considering. The Scale 940 is equipped with the FOX 32 SC Float Rhythm forks, which offer up to 100mm of suspension travel with an alomost weightless terrain-reaction, whilst the slightly wider diameter of Syncros FL2.0 alloy handlebar, allows accute handling and unrivaled control. One of the lightest Scott Scale alloy-bikes available Large, terrain-dominating 29 wheels Tubeless tires & monster grip

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