Scott Scale 920 2018 Carbon Mountain Bike Black from Rutland Cycling


The 2018 Scott Scale 920 is a ready-to-win Mountain Bike, which has been designd to eat-up the mountain… The Scott Scale 920 has a full-carbon frame capable of handling the bumpiest bumps. The frame has been designed using the same Finite Element Analysis Software used to design its bigger-brother – the Scale 900. The frame also utilises IMP & MF technologies, and the ICCR Cable routing system offers a snag-free cable-housing solution. The Scale 920 is equipped with the FOX 32 SC Float Rhythm  forks, which offer up to 100mm of suspension travel with an alomost weightless-feeling, whilst the slightly wider diameter of Syncros FL2.0 alloy handlebar, allows accute handling and unrivaled steering & control. Large, terrain-dominating 29 wheels A race-hardened construction & design Full Carbon Frame/Forks with tubeless tires

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